We provide culturally secure, community-based healing services that utilise a trauma-informed approach to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, young people, and adults

The name “Yorgum” is a Noongar name for a large red flowering gum tree which has healing properties. Aboriginal people have used the gum for many years in the treatment of numerous ailments, including diseases of the eyes.

The name is an expression of the life-sustaining image of the living tree. The deep roots, rising sap, branches reaching to the sky, the shelter given and the home provided to the many forms of life-insects, reptiles, birds and other animals. It is a symbol of connectedness and inter-dependence in the diversity of living beings.

Yorgum was established in 1991 by a group of Aboriginal women, some of whom worked in women’s refuges, who were concerned about the lack of appropriate counselling support for Aboriginal people experiencing spiritual, emotional and psychological pain. They founded a service with a ‘healing’ approach rather than an ongoing, crisis-driven ‘patch-up’ approach.

Over the years Yorgum has grown in size and scope of its services, to become a well-respected Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation.


See how a powerful idea has grown over 30 years.

  • 1991

    Yorgum’s vision established by Aboriginal women on Noongar Boodja

  • 1993

    Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation for Women incorporated

  • 1994

    Yorgum Aboriginal Counselling Service established at Sister Kate’s

  • 1996

    Name change to Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation

  • 1997

    Started delivery of Indigenous Healing Services for children and families impacted by family and domestic violence or sexual abuse

  • 2002

    Appointment of CEO Jade Maddox

  • 2006

    Link-Up funded to deliver healing services for the Stolen Generations

  • 2009

    Workforce Support Unit funded to deliver professional development to AOD and SEWB providers across WA (excluding Kinberley)

  • 2011

    Yorgum celebrates its 20th Anniversary

  • 2014

    Appointment of CEO Laurel Sellers

  • 2015

    Safety program funded for families in Perth metropolitan region

  • 2016

    Indigenous Family Safety Royal Commission community-based support services

  • 2018

    Intensive Family Support Services are funded to deliver in Great Southern and Goldfields region.Redress Support Services are funded to deliver in WA (excluding Kimberley region)

  • 2019

    Name change to Yorgum Healing Services

  • 2020

    Disability Royal Commission funded to deliver targeted Counselling Service in WA (excluding Kimberley region)

  • 2021

    Lotterywest grant awarded for refurbishment of Wittenoom St office

  • 2022

    Yorgum partners with Mayi Kuwayu for validation of the Yorgum Aboriginal Family Worldview Model

  • 2023

    Armadale FDV Hub funded to deliver in partnership with HOPE community services

Our Vision

Our Vision is that Aboriginal people, their families and communities are empowered, and have the skills and supports, to improve and maintain their social and emotional wellbeing.

The social challenges faced by Aboriginal communities are complex and interwoven. We understand the significant inter-generational trauma that Aboriginal people have experienced arising from colonial history and adverse policies that have eroded their cultural identity, spirituality, kinship, knowledge, practices and cultural connections. Many Aboriginal Australians continue to be traumatised by racism, incarceration, identity issues, exploitation and abuse.

The effects of trauma experienced by many Aboriginal people impact on their social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) in areas such as their health, relationships, education, lifestyle, finances, livelihood, involvement with the justice system and identity. Aboriginal concepts of SEWB also highlight the importance of country, language, culture, spirituality and ancestors.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide all Aboriginal people and their families with a wide range of culturally secure, community-based healing services that utilise a trauma-informed approach to positively impact their social and emotional wellbeing.

Yorgum provides all Aboriginal people and their families autonomous, community-based healing, counselling, support and advocacy services that are culturally secure, trauma-informed and work within an Aboriginal Family Worldview.

We support Aboriginal people to rebuild connections that have been ruptured within their lives, with a view to enhancing their SEWB. We strive to offer a holistic service that supports the whole person in the context of their family and community.

Our Values

Yorgum is committed to upholding the following values in the way we work.
  • Our Mob First

    We put Aboriginal people first in our priorities.

  • Aboriginal Culture

    We base our work around Aboriginal culture and practices.

  • Safety

    We provide safe, welcoming, culturally secure, trauma-informed services.

  • Respect

    We believe in the dignity and worth of all people, and this underpins our behaviour.

  • Integrity

    We are honest, do what we believe is right, are transparent and reliable.

  • Knowledge

    We value knowledge and seek to build up our understanding.

  • Our Strategic Themes

    Healing Services

    Provide community-based healing services to Aboriginal people that work within an Aboriginal Family Worldview

    Evidence-Based Reform

    Drive evidence-based policy and systemic reform that benefits the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal people


    Partner with other organisations to develop culturally secure, trauma-informed services that address the underlying drivers of social challenges for Aboriginal people

    Sustainable Organisation

    Yorgum grows in a sustainable way into an Australian leader in delivering healing services to Aboriginal people

    Our Partners

    To deliver culturally secure, trauma-informed services that address the underlying drivers of social challenges for Aboriginal people.