Link-Up Program

The Link up Program is responsible for providing services to Aboriginal people affected by past government policies relating to the removal of children.

Yorgum’s Link-Up Program provides holistic supports by a dedicated professional team who understands the particular issues and unique needs of members of the Stolen Generations. We draw together the knowledge of practitioners, workers and researchers to provide social and emotional well being counselling.  

Yorgum’s Link Up program consists of caseworkers that engage and coordinate family research, client reunification, back to country and overall Link-Up  activities.  The Link Up team works closely with other Social Emotional Wellbeing (SEWB) counseling services and other relevant organisations to assist clients to reunite with their families, culture and community and restore their social and emotional well being. 


The following activities are ineligible under this program:

  • Native title, land rights, compensation or reparation claims;
  • Erecting of monuments;
  • Relocation;
  • More than one reunion per individual;
  • Funeral attendance (including funding for transport and other related costs);
  • Genealogy assistance; and
  • Locating missing persons.


Who can access the Link-Up Service?

The Link-Up Services assist people affected by past removal policies and practices and their families; and individuals and families who have been adopted, fostered or raised in institutions.

Link-Up Services can provide assistance to clients identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or who believe they have Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage. However, if records or research indicates Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage has not been documented, Link-Up Services will be unable to assist further.

An appropriate referral agency will be recommended in this instance e.g.: Salvation Army - Family Tracing Unit, Jigsaw (SA) and Post Adoptive Resource Centre. The person is able to return to the Link up Service to become a client if they find documentary evidence of their Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage.


Where is Link-Up available?

  • Pilbara
  • Gascoyne
  • Midwest/Murchison
  • Wheatbelt
  • Metropolitan
  • Goldfields
  • Great Southern
  • South West