Clinical Services


Yorgum offers a unique team of Aboriginal counselling staff in a supportive environment. We provide counselling for Aboriginal children and adults of all ages who have experienced family violence and/or childhood sexual abuse.

We can provide:

  • One-on-one counselling for individuals
  • Relationship counselling for couples
  • Group counselling for families, siblings, family groups

 Our counselling staff can address a wide range of issues, recognising that there are often multiple and transgenerational issues that affect Aboriginal people.

We can provide assistance in:

  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma & Crisis resolution
  • Advocacy for Family Violence issues
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Dealing with Racism
  • Anger Management

Child Sexual Abuse Therapeutic Service

A culturally sensitive framework allows Yorgum’s counsellors to reduce sexual abuse and the effects of sexual abuse on children.

The thrust behind this approach is to change the psyche of the individuals so that constructive behaviours replace the previous destructive behaviours.

Yorgum supports the United Nations Charter that all children have the right to feel safe and secure in having their basic needs met, and also have the right to safety within their environment and cultural identity.

The framework encompasses:

  • Cultural security and cultural context by following cultural protocols;
  • Nyoongar Sociology and Kinship;
  • Nyoongar psychology acknowledging and encompassing spirituality;
  • Protective behaviours mainstream practices adapted for Aboriginal ways of working with children;
  • Narrative therapy using language;
  • Art therapy using a range of mediums;
  • Visualisation;
  • Sand play therapy;
  • Healing of self be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual;
  • Aboriginal language or slang (predominantly Nyoongar), and
  • Recovering and rebuilding of self, family and community.

The effect of applying this framework is to reinforce the child’s rights and the family responsibilities by reconnecting to the identity/self-identity, language, and kinship structures to enable cultural meaning and validation to their story.

Narrative, art and visual therapy encompasses teaching the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community protective behaviours to empower them with the information to feel safe and to have the right not to accept inappropriate and unacceptable abusive behaviours (to know and to differentiate inappropriate touching or any forms of abuse).

The protective behaviours are developed for the children to learn to protect themselves. This involves teaching self-protective skills and behaviours, training for assertiveness, building self esteem, and body ownership/body knowledge.

Aboriginal Children Experiencing Family Violence Counselling

This service is available through a range of counselling and treatment methods five days a week at a central location in the metropolitan area (East Perth).

The focus is on meeting the counselling and support needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and their families who are victims of family abuse. The clinical team in the Counselling section delivers this service. Clients are either self-referred or are referred by government and non-government agencies.

The service concentrates on one-to-one counselling and family group counselling. The goal is to move towards peer/group counselling, so that children realise they are not alone in their experiences. Counselling is provided in specific counselling rooms or in the designated therapy room.

Yorgum staff will refer clients to specialist support agencies as required on an individual basis.

Family Violence Aboriginal Advocacy and Counselling Program

The Family Violence Aboriginal Advocacy and Counselling Program’s focus is the provision of culturally secure counselling and the provision of a holistic service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people affected by family violence, sexual abuse and associated issues. This service covers a range of ages and genders.

The project aims to reduce the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, youth, adults and families affected by family violence, sexual abuse and associated issues. It also promotes and sustains a non-violent, safe environment in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can live, nurturing and reflecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values of caring and sharing, to support and meet the emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of family members.

Yorgum’s Family Violence Aboriginal Advocacy and Counselling Program provides a collaborative approach to family violence and sexual abuse by working with appropriate departments and agencies. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families affected by family violence have access to an Aboriginal counsellor/advocate within Aboriginal surroundings under the Aboriginal Terms of Reference, thus improving the awareness of family violence and sexual abuse, including basic rights.

The Counsellor/Advocates employ a range of healing strategies which can enhance the healing of individual and/or group clients. Clients are empowered with knowledge on human rights, protective behaviours, parenting, self-esteem and to be in control of their own healing.

Building Solid Families

The Building Solid Families program provides social and emotional well-being services including culturally secure information, support and advice services to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities affected by past government removal policies (Stolen Generation members & Families), trauma, grief and loss; affected by mental health problems; and at risk of self-harm, in particular youth who are living in the metropolitan region.

What can Building Solid Families do?

Client assessments and care plans;

  • Support & Advocacy;
  • Mental Health counseling;
  • Greif & Loss counseling;
  • Culturally secure information;
  • Provision of and referral to general counseling and support services;
  • Development and support of clear pathways for referral and receival with Department of Health mental health services;
  • Community Awareness & Promotional Activities 

The BSF program provides services to the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community within the Metropolitan area