Yorgum’s Objectives are to:

  • Reduce further domestic violence and sexual abuse by providing counselling services and education programs in the prevention and treatment of family violence, sexual abuse and underlying issues
  • Collaborate and negotiate with relevant funding bodies, government and non-government departments, Aboriginal community agencies and other key stakeholders to provide the best service possible to the Aboriginal Community
  • Encourage self-sufficiency and empowerment among Aboriginal people
  • Collaborate and liaise with relevant agencies so that clients can be referred in an unproblematic manner
  • Respect and value clients accessing the service and at all times work in a highly confidential manner
  • Ensure that Yorgum works in a holistic framework towards the healing of each individual client under the Aboriginal Terms of Reference
  • Provide a range of services which are available and responsive to Aboriginal people’s needs, by working in a respectful way, encouraging clients to help determine their own needs
  • Promote a positive image of Aboriginal people in all places, including the family, the community, workplaces and society in general
  • Encourage Aboriginal people to recognise and value their heritage and traditional Aboriginal heritage and identity, ensuring it remains integral for the wellbeing and value of their place in society and the world
  • Assist Aboriginal people to deal with personal and social issues that they are confronted with in order that they may grow and develop within enhanced family relationships
  • Empower Aboriginal people to take their rightful place in their society by facilitating opportunities for them in education, self-development, awareness, participation, equality and any other way the Yorgum identifies as a way to help Aboriginal people to gain self-dependency
  • Recognise and encourage the unification of Aboriginal people in common pursuits as a means of strengthening and supporting their actions and success in improving the quality of life for all
  • Research, plan and develop programs, workshops and seminars for Aboriginal people to address their needs
  • Identify gaps in opportunities, to establish networks, and to create and encourage initiatives to address these gaps
  • Encourage community development and advocate on sensitive community issues relevant to Aboriginal people and social justice
  • Assist in the healing of Aboriginal people through their participation in obtaining training in the area of family counselling or by undergoing counselling either as a family or as an individual
  • To undertake the above objectives and where appropriate, encourage collaborative and close relationships regardless of culture, race or creed